Deep Madness Review Playthrough One

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

A cooperative, horror, atmospheric board game for 1-6 players. Deep Madness is a complex story driven board game. Can you survive?

You are not alone. Use that to your benefit.

Cooperate and plan successfully with you team mates or be picked apart by the monsters surrounding you.

Monsters surround you, flooded compartments, time is not on your side.

Deep Madness is a story driven game, each play through is a chapter. Each chapter brings a different setup and enemy deck. As the game rounds continue the game board changes and becomes more hostile to the players. The games Devouring track ticks down over the game rounds and adds additional hazards to the board.

1st Play Through

Deep Madness has a lot going on. Each different monster on the board has different effects and behaviors, and the monsters can tie to specific player character having additional effects. We had 3 players each using 2 characters each, it was everyone's first playthrough. Characters have the basic actions you would expect in a horror/survival game. Move/Search/Attach/Trade/Rest/door actions(close/lock/open), each character can perform three actions. Searching can help your character gain powerful weapons or items that can drastically increase their survival chances.

Not as simple as it sounds

Shooting your way to victory may not make you victorious

The goal of each chapter is different, Chapter One has the players investigating the station and attempting an escape from the section they are currently in. We barely made it out, not everyone did. As the board changes and more monsters get added to the board some characters were left behind for the good of the mission. Flooded rooms add another obstacle for our characters as they explore the board.

The game has a madness and sanity feature where killing the games 'baddies' will result in your character losing sanity by turning over sanity tokens to the madness side of the token. Players gain a madness card(bad effect) or conscious card(good effect). This madness/sanity effect was the most confusing and I am sure we played it incorrectly.


If you are a fan of survival horror games give Deep Madness a playthrough or two. Your first play through may be a bit scattered and can run 2-3 hours. Setup is also about 30 minutes but after a few playthroughs and some better organization I think that could be dropped to 15-20 minutes.

Deep Madness really shines in component quality and storytelling. The game is very well built, solid thick stock cardboard, great artwork and plenty of awesome mini sculpts.

Deep Madness is not just about blasting monsters, it's a narrative driven campaign with a deep immersive storyline that follows your playthroughs.

Adding to the base set is multiple add ons ensuring replayability for many game nights on your table.

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